Website Design

Having a professional website is almost essential for today's business market, as many potential clients will review your website before even contacting you.

Our web development team can ensure you stand out from the competition by creating a website designed around your exact needs.

We do not use standard web templates (unless you request us to) but prefer to create bespoke designs so that each website is unique and fully adaptable to your business.

We also strive to make the process of web design as simple as possible. Initially we will listen to your ideas to ascertain what message you need to relay.

Bringing together your logos, corporate identity and ideas, we will constantly ask for your feedback throughout the design process to ensure our ideas meet your design brief.

With experience in all of the latest web technologies such as Macromedia Flash, PHP, Java, SQL and CSS, we can ensure your company website stands out from the rest.

Once your website is coded, we can offer a full business class hosting and FTP upload service to ensure your site is available for view with minimal downtime.

Each business is unique, and therefore no two websites will be the same. As all our web sites are custom made, you can tailor it to your precise requirements. Let a professional website push you ahead of the competition.

Just a few examples of our work

Search Engine Optimisation

Websites on their own are a great start to building an online presence, they are perfect for showing your work to your prospective clients and they will also invariably bring in a small amount of traffic without any effort.

If you want to turn your website into a great marketing tool and reach out to a potentially massive audience then our SEO or Search Engine Optimisation service may be exactly what you need.

What is SEO?

SEO is a vast subject, it is shrouded in mystery and various people will give you massively varying opinions on what SEO is, what it can do, how it is done and so on.

There are many aspects to SEO and many interpretations but at its most basic level SEO is about optimising your website so that the search engines (such as Google) will list your site at the top or near the top for the terms you are interested in.

From an ethical point of view, this means building a professional, functional and useful website that actually provides valuable information to prospective visitors - doing this paves the way towards have an SEO friendly website - and the most crucial part here is the content.

At a less ethical level, it means using inside knowledge of the search engine techniques to skew the results and make sure you come out at the top.

Our approach

Our approach to SEO is ethical in the main - this means building a valuable site that is reputable and will hold its ground long term - rather than getting to the top spot for a few weeks and then being blacklisted by every search engine going.

That being said, we also work intelligently to give our clients an advantage over their competitors in terms of search.