Warranty Information

If you have purchased a computer system assembled by us, you will automatically be covered by a 12-month-return-to-base warranty (the computer is returned to us, we service it and return it back to you usually on the same day, but this can vary depending on the fault).

If your warranty has expired and it's a computer system, we can usually repair it for a small charge. In general, hardware problems can be more expensive to rectify so ensure that you always get a quote first from the computer engineer before the work is undertaken! Here at ABC, we always speak to the customer first before proceeding with hardware repairs!

if your monitor is malfunctioning and it is a new monitor, you will typically be covered by a 3-year-on-site warranty (which means they will come to your house/workplace, exchange your faulty monitor with a replacement). However, you should be aware that most on-site warranties require that the manufacturer picks the faulty monitor up from your home/workplace, repairs it off-site and then returns it to you. This is fine but note that the time scale on this can be between 5 days and 3 months! If you've purchased the monitor from us, we will always endeavour to provide you with a replacement whilst yours is away being fixed.

Once again, these are covered by the manufacturer's warranty for 1 year. Call the manufacturer's helpline and they will help you with the return procedure. Please note that, like flat screen monitors, printers have become very cheap and it is nearly always better to throw the malfunctioning printer away and buy a new one (with a further year's warranty!)

What is not covered by My Warranty?
Normally, warranties cover all hardware breakdowns but, in most cases, they will not cover the following:

Virus removal
If you pick up a virus on your PC due to downloading movies or music from illegal peer to peer sharing sites like limewire, then you will be charged for their removal or, in a worst case scenario, a wipe/reload of your PC. A word on sites like Limewire or Win MX; eventually you will pick up viruses, Trojans and spyware from these sites. Use them at your own risk!!
Likewise, viruses can come in via your email too so make sure that you have up to date antivirus software running on your PC. Antivirus software is not perfect and viruses can still get into your PC if you have this. Use your head; if you get an email from somebody you don't know and it has an attachment, DON'T OPEN IT!

Hardware Upgrades
New items of hardware or software that are incorrectly installed by the user and have subsequently affected the system will not be covered by your warranty. If you're not 100% sure what you're doing, get a professional computer engineer to install your upgrades!